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Where for IP Camera surveillance

Time: 2013-04-27 10:48:27Copyfrom: IP camera, network camera, wireless IP camera, P2P IP cameraHits: 0

1. Monitor your baby or small child


Our cameras allow to monitor your kids when you just can not be there. The camera can register movements of children and send them an email. Unless you want to check what is happening at home, you can simply open our Android or iPhone app and view the live video on your cell phone / smartphone. Of course, you can access from any computer around the camera by simply DDNS (Internet address) to enter the camera.

If your camera also has a microphone or audio input, you can use the audio alarm. It would be a audio such as the crying of a baby be enough to trigger an alarm and inform you.



2. Keep an eye on elderly, ill or disabled people


If you have relatives or friends who do not have the ability to be self reliant and to providing assistance around the clock then an IP camera is just the right choice. After you set up your camera, you can easily from your smartphone, iPad, iPhone, tablet or other device to access the camera to check what the people currently making. Once a person moves the camera detects this and triggers an alarm. You will receive an email with 6 pictures in the notes where you can see the movement. If your camera model has a built-in microphone you can also use the audio alarm. If you drop a person or otherwise violate audio then a loud enough to trigger the alarm to keep you informed.



3. Keep your home, car, boat or other precious objects in view


Has your neighborhood problems with many thefts and burglars then now is the time to protect your possessions and property. With our IP security cameras any movement is detected in and around your house and saved accordingly. You can now have the camera with our Cloud VCR allowed to make so that your recordings are stored securely. If everything is stolen (even the surveillance camera) your recordings stay still safely stored on our servers. This allows you to see at any time who or what has created access to your private property. If you do not want to cloud service you use so the camera can also send an email with pictures in the notes or download the pictures according to an FTP server.



4. Protect your company and business


Depending on the law in your country where you use the camera, you can attach the camera, for example, in an elevator monitor so that people go up and down, check in the offices to see if your employees work to near the checkout To check who pays money or taking out, in the parking lot to see if people illegally parking on business or as stand monitor your business from thieves. In addition, there are many other reasons like an IP camera can help in daily business to ensure a degree of safety.

If you use the camera for your business, we recommend that you add our Cloud video recorder which stores your recordings up to 14 days on a secure server network in USA.



5. Surveillance of public areas such as Airports, train stations etc.


All IP cameras can also be used to public areas such as to monitor hospitals, churches, museums, airports, railway stations, bus stations, city halls or similar places. Our cameras are already being used on some smaller airports for monitoring.

The IP-based surveillance cameras allow you to monitor different areas lie hundreds of kilometers partially collapse or drift apart. From a central location, you can thus e.g. See our central manage software up to 81 cameras at once and record. If you already have an existing recording system, you can also integrate the cameras there. Our cameras should not be listed in your system, you can contact us anytime and we will ensure that this is integrated as soon as possible.