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No pictures Problems?

Time: 2000-03-24 16:44:06Copyfrom: IP camera, network camera, wireless IP camera, P2P IP cameraHits: 0

Q:No pictures Problems?
The video streaming is transmitted by the ActiveX controller.If ActiveX controller isn’t installed correctly you will see no video image.There are two ways to resolve this problem:
1) Install “IP Camera Tool”, ActiveX controller is installed simultaneity(recommendable).
2)download ActiveX controller and set the safety property of IE in the PC 
when you view it first time:
“IE” browserà“Tool”à“Internet Proper”à“Security”à“Custom Level”à”ActiveX 

control and Plug-ins” three options of front should be set to be “Enable”, The 

ActiveX programs read by the computer will be follows:
Enable:Download unsigned ActiveX controls
Enable:Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe
Enable:Run ActiveX controls and plu-ins