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Need a special software to use an IP camera?

Time: 2000-03-24 16:34:06Copyfrom: IP camera, network camera, wireless IP camera, P2P IP cameraHits: 0

Need a special software to use an IP camera?
No, the camera embeds a web application that allows you to set the camera to view live and what the camera sees and up to 9 cameras by coupling a camera "master." Moreover, you can manage three levels of users on your camera, Admin, operator, visitor, as you can ask your friends (8 total ADVANCED USERS) to monitor your home even if you do not have means to connect to Internet, sending emails can address up to 4. 

On a landline, you need a browser (firefox, chrome, Internet Explorer), however, is with Internet Explorer 7 minimum as all the functionalities of the camera will be used to better effect in one ActiveX is required for Recording and live in a motion detection as well as audio listening (if the camera supports it). Just to see the video, VLC may suffice. 

The only software required is supplied on the accompanying CD, it is a utility to detect the camera on your local network. If you use a Mac equivalent software is available for download in the "Support" site. 

Finally, if you want to use as your cameras from a smartphone or a touch pad, there are downloadable applications on your App Store. You can access these applications even without the video stream from the camera and direct via the web browser of your mobile and / or tablet.