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This is a IP camera can serve as an alarm?

Time: 2000-03-24 16:33:21Copyfrom: IP camera, network camera, wireless IP camera, P2P IP cameraHits: 0

This is a IP camera can serve as an alarm?
Yes and no, a surveillance camera can detect movement in front of the camera, but not a substitute motion detector alarm. Indeed, in the case of outdoor use, the movement of a tree branch in front of the goal will generate a detection ... yet there's nobody ... a motion detector alarm it will only detect the actual movement of a person. Inside, the detection is more efficient because there is no interference in this case, so the camera can be used as an alarm, but be careful sending alert mail is not always in real time this is due to the vagaries of the Internet and not guaranteed message delivery. However, it is possible to couple the signal detection camera with an alarm system or alarm block through the I / O connector (or a camera management software such as Blue Iris .) to strengthen existing sensors or simply allow "rebleed" if your alarm goes off unexpectedly. The I / O connector allows IN to trigger the camera (contact sensor door open for ex.), The I / O connector OUT can trigger an accessory such as block alarm or any equipment accepting an input contact.